aboutFire Drum Vodka


Fire Drum was born from a desire to produce sophisticated Vodka that showcases the natural elements of one of the most pristine environments in the world.

Distilled from two of Tasmania’s finest ingredients “100% Tasmanian Barley and pure Tasmanian water” Fire Drum is a premium handcrafted spirit with a uniquely vibrant and bold flavour.

Using a traditional copper pot distillation process to ensure the commanding flavours of the ingredients are retained, and like any fine wine or whiskey, Fire Drum’s sense of place and origin remains intact.

This age-old method is a gentle, minimalistic approach to distillation that produces a full-bodied spirit that is voluptuous and expressive. Its captivating flavours offer a unique experience to be enjoyed and savoured.

The purity of Tasmania’s natural resources and dedication to the traditional craft of distilling is what gives Fire Drum its energy and makes it a spirit like no other.