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Distilled In tasmania

Pristine Tasmanian Mountain Water

Pristine Tasmanian Mountain Water

Tamanian Franklin Barley

Tasmanian Franklin Barley

Copper Pot Distilled

Copper Pot

Fire Drum is proud to be produced at Tasmania Distillery in Hobart. The 100% Tasmanian grown and malted Franklin Barley, used in Fire Drum is sourced by an expert malter who travels Tasmania selecting only the finest barley.

The barley is brewed with pure Tasmanian water into a ‘wash’ which is then double distilled in a Copper Pot still – an age-old, minimalistic approach to distillation. Only the “heart” or mid part of the spirit run which is the most pure, malty and sweet, is selected and used to create Fire Drum Vodka.

The spirit is then gently filtered once through charcoal and blended with pure pristine Tasmanian water.

The result is a truly unique, expressive and smooth vodka. It is full-flavoured with a malty sweetness that is to be enjoyed and savoured.


Signature<br> on the Rocks
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